JSAM Connection Help

For help with accessing your remote desktop using JSAM access please follow the guide below!

1) Open Internet Explorer

**Note: The JSAM application can only be accessed through Internet Explorer.

2) Log in to your Business Partner Account

**Note: If you need help logging into your business partner account try looking here!

3) Click "Terminal Servers" in the partner portal under "GP Terminal Servers Access.

**Note: If there is no link under "GP Terminal Servers Access", you should reach out to your main GP Contact for further support.

4) Under "Client Application Sessions" click "Start" on the "Java Secure Applicaion Manager" option.

5) Click "Yes", "Always" or "Accept" on any pop-ups that appear while the application loads.

**Note: all pop-ups must be accepted for the application to load.

6) JSAM Application should now be working!

**Note: Be sure the "Status" of the application is "OK" with a green blinking diamond.

7) Open the "Remote Desktop Connection" application.

**Note:To find it open the start menu and search "mstsc" OR press Windows+R, type "mstsc", and click okay

8) Enter the name of the computer you need to connect to, then click "Connect".

**Note: Click "Yes" to accept any pop-ups you may receive while waiting to connect.

9) You are connected!

**Note: If you are unable to connect carefully follow each step again, otherwise contact your GP contact for support.